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Without a question of doubt, in our mind Princess is by far the most supportive and accommodating of the lines that we have sailed. You can expect to see an FOD posting in their Patter without ever having to ask for one and the gathering will be hosted by a crewmember. As to staff, we have become friends of gay staff members aboard several ships who greet our return with enthusiasm. One evening when we were all but last to leave the dinning room due to a late tour return, we ask our captain just how many of the floor staff were gay. He smiled and rounded up a whole group of waiters and staff who surrounded our table. We were flabbergasted but it showed us how gay friendly Princess is in both aspects of the cruise business.

On the other hand, Holland American, while not hostile, will go out of their way to delay a request to post an FOD until the end of the cruise and we have yet to meet a gay staff member on any of our cruises although we're sure they exist. As with Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, HAL have been good hosts but not from the gay perspective. That then takes us to Oceania, which, even with its magnificent decor and elegance seems to be oblivious to the fact that there may be gay people aboard their ship. But to be fair, when asked to post an FOD they did so with the utmost of discretion...
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