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The day started early with Lillie needing to go out earlier than usual. She promptly went back to sleep, I was then awake.

Had a good day yeserday. Took my mother and sister shopping and then for lunch. It was a nice day and the weather was wondrful, bright and sunny. They promise a rain filled week ahead.Yuck.

My sister asked me why I was not planning any trips this winter. She knows I always go and she likes looking after my dogs when we go. I said simply "because I am not". My mother chimmed in, "I know exactly why you wont leave and I dont like it and you guys should go". I didnt even bother to debate it with her, it'simply not happening. I will never forgive myself if something happens while I am gone, I have my life ahead of me, she does not. Sam completely agrees and DS even more so.

DS is doing great. He loves life at McGill. He works at two part time jobs, and has alot of school work as well.Some nice new friends, and you can see they will be friendships that lasts forever. He is well finding his way in he world which bring me a great deal of joy, also my mother. She is so incredibly happy and proud.

I have a gift certificate to buy today, and one to spend that as given to me. Spending should be no problem!

Worked on some mail merges last night, glad they are done. A few more to do as well.

Have a great day every one. Trip, sure hope you are feeling better soon and that evry one going through a hard time is feeling beter as well.
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