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Morning All, from Montreal, where I have had no sleep, and have been at the hospital emergency room since 5am with James.
He had a very bad night, couldn't sleep with the pain, and couldn't take it any more by 4:30am so off we went to the ER.
5 hours later he is still there, and has not seen a doctor! He sent me home for some breakfast and I will go back and check on him a little later.
Strangely enough, he's in the same bed I was in just a few short weeks ago!

Meanwhile, it is an absolutely miserable fall day; heavy rain, high winds, and cold! Good day to stay inside with a good book!

Trip, glad to see you posting this morning. I think I know the pain you've been going through, and you have my complete sympathy!

Judy, hope you're hanging in there too and have no surgical complications.
Rest up, and know we are thinking of you!

Irish, yes a break from lice patrol. I couldn't believe it, but one of our teachers actually shaved her head bald after being sent home for the 3rd time with lice! She was so discouraged and upset, she took desperate measures. Now she has a cold head for the winter!

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