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Default Saturday Morning Yawn

A late good morning from Southern California.

Trip, I am sorry to hear about your back problems and hope you are getting better. I received the goodie box yesterday. Thanks so much! Will give you a call.

RD, I am also sorry to hear about the complications that James suffers. I hope by now he has seen a doctor.

Ken, I hope Vita licks the cold before it spoils her cruise.

There are some things that could make me feel better: The surgeon says I must keep the drains in til at least Thursday. Second, I have a sore throat and a "stretched" uvula from tubes used during the surgery. I choke on the uvula. If these two problems would be taken care of, my sense of well being would be improved at least a little. I am taking an antibiotic as a precaution because the doctor thought there was some redness around a part of the incision. I hope I can start taking regular showers next week, too. The surgeon also said that the tumor was larger than they thought it would be; 3 cmm (about an inch).

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