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Several years ago, there were pictures taken on the Majesty of the Seas, purporting a haunting...I googled, and found, from a website, archived posts, dated 1004...could not find the pictures. BOO!

I'm about to cruise on Explorer of the Seas on May 16th, and I'm wondering if anyone can help me out with what I am assuming is a joke being played on me by a friend. A veteran cruiser friend of mine told me that one of the RCCL ships has a "haunted cabin" (from a worker that was killed in an accident while the ship was being built) and she thinks it is the ship I am cruising on. Has anyone heard anything about this, or is this a joke that is typically played on newbie cruisers to get them to look foolish asking the ship staff about it? In case you're wondering, I'm what I describe as a "skeptical believer" in ghosts - I believe in the possibility, but seek proof, so anything like that is of real interest to me.

It's absolutely true, and nothing to laugh about.
I was reading another post and found out that the ghost was not that of a worker, but of someone who had once tried to fish from the cuise ship, and when his line was caught up in the massive whirling propellor, was whipped off the balcony, dragged under the ship, and ripped apart mercilessly.Sorry to be so graphic but it still brings chills to me this day.

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