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Mike--funny that's happened to me too.

Thanks Trip, good google-ing (if that's a word), but that's not it. My TRUE story:

On my recent review I mentioned that I went to dinner solo one night as DW was not feeling well. When I returned to the cabin DW asked if I had come back to the cabin for anything. I hadn't. She said, "Someone touched me on the leg and woke me up". I just blew it off.

Well on Saturday night DW attended a séance with two other females (my nephews wife & her friend Donna (not her real name)) in Oklahoma City. (BTW-these people don't even know we cruise). Well some how during the evening it was asked if anyone was on a cruise recently and if anything unusual happened. DW said yes, and related the touch. The person named the ship and asked if she was anywhere near cabin 2463. Well guess what? Yes that's the ship and we were in cabin 2465. Then guess what? Donna said "my aunt Tina died on the Conquest two years ago". Well I guess they were communicating with the spirit of Tina. DW, who is not shy, asked why she touched her on the ship and Tina said she was just comforting her. Some conversation between Donna & Tina followed. There was more amazing detail, but I'll wait until DW gets home and I hear the rest of it.

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