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November 16th we take our first Royal cruise on Freedom Of The Seas.

This has been quite an adventure. We began many months ago and it was to be me (Mike) and Suz as well as Suz's daughter Nikki, her husband Joe and their 16 month old Henry all of whom live in St. Louis.
(well... except me and Suz who live in the Tampa Bay area)

Since booking, we found out that Suz's son Karl will be back from overseas in the Army and has leave during the time of our cruise, so we snatched little Henry out of mom and dad's cabin and made him Karl's cabin mate!

Then... Joe's Parents decided they might join in... so they booked also.
I tried to get my side of the fam into this but to no avail.

We have a 5 hour drive from Tampa Bay to Miami.
Going is not so bad... just look what we have to look forward to....
Not looking forward to the drive back... we'll have laundry and our own kitchen to look forward to at that point .

I'm sure you can all commiserate!!

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =
2010 RCCL Oasis Of The Seas
2009 RCCL Freedom Of The Seas (so nice we did it twice)
2008 RCCL Freedom Of The Seas (!!wow!!)
2007 Carnival Glory (Super Bowl - Bears vs Colts)
2005 Carnival Sensation (again)
2004 Carnival Sensation
1993 Celebrity Horizon
1991 Celebrity Meridian
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