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Originally Posted by debshomespun
Do you know if anyone took the tour on Raiatea with Bruno? He has the all day tour of Tahaa in his outrigger canoe? We are thinking of booking with him. Our only concern is the length of time.

He told us he would have us back by 4:20, and the all aboard call is at 4:30 here? Doesn't the ship actually dock at this port stop?

Thanks so much!
I believe a group took the Bruno tour. Vinman (Vince and Karen) put together that group. I did not take the tour because I had something else booked at this port. Vince and Karen could tell you more about it, but they are still on the road traveling. At the end of this cruise, they were heading to Magic Mountain for a few days, and then the Myan Rivera for a few weeks. I think they are due back mid-November.

Yes, Raiatea is a docking port, not tendering.

I would suggest that if you want to book with him, you try getting your own group together with others in your roll call. Email him and find out how many he considers a group. If you have your own group, he should be able to work within the specific time limitations of your ship. I don't know, but I wouldn't be willing to cut it that close ... him getting you back at 4:20 and the all aboard being 4:30. That's really cutting it too close for my comfort.

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