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Originally Posted by spencercoop
Originally Posted by lhp
Splendor 11/15
Splender 11/17 (back to back)
Freedom 11/22 (one day after we got off the Splendor)
Fantasy 01/01/09
Fantays 01/05/09 (back to back)
Fantasy 02/07/09 ( Blogger's Cruise)

woo hoo

Those are the ones booked and paid for....

we don't sail in the no more after these (probably) until September 2009.
Do you not sail over the summer becuase there is a lot of people on the ship?

Yes. We are no longer "locked" into a school schedule. (yea!!!)

Our 17 year old son has Autism and he does better when the Club O2 is not as we try to cruise then there will be the least number of kids.

If it is Carnival and it floats....we have sailed it!

Hubby ... DIAMOND (every ship except the Carnivale)
Me ... DIAMOND (every ship starting with the Tropicale)
20 year old son ... DIAMOND (every ship starting with the Tropicale...he is the only DOUBLE Milestone under the age of 21)
24 year old son ... DIAMOND
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