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Default Talk About Being Depressed !!!

I got a letter (today) from my hometown about next year's upcoming high school reunion (40th)..It was signed by my high school sweetheart and of course she added a "ps" about looking forward to seeing me..

there are very few occassions that cause one to reflect on how fast time passes then a reunion notice..when it's your 10th or 25th, it's sort of special but after that it becomes downright depressing

it's my small town, the only couples that are still together are those that married right after high school and never left the town..all the rest of us have a few "ex's' more of us are not living anymore...there were only 33 of us to begin with and I think we are down to the low 20's

I'm thinking about suggesting to my old high school sweetheart that she should organize a cruise out of New Orleans on the Fantasy and leave her husband of 40 years home

how do you feel when you get these reunion notices
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