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I went to a couple - must be my 5th and 10th. We had a small class - like 50 perhaps - I went to a small Catholic school. Our 10th was a boat cruise on our lake - it is no longer here (but we do have a new one for next summer - boat, not reunion).

About half of us showed up - one of us is already deceased. Many were boarders, but two from the Montreal area did come, which was great.
I did not go to my 20th - I was out of town I think.

Next year is my 25th reunion for the Bible School I graduated from, but it is also the 50th anniversary of the school - so it will be a big deal - many people from lots of different classes will be there. If I attend I would see everyone from all the classes that were above me and below me - so it would be great, and then again, not so great.
No one will recognize me - I weigh about 65 pounds less, my facial structure has changed from the surgery...
I will keep it in mind. Also if I go then my friend from India will surely want to come home with me, and he says he is bringing his wife for it. I don't know if I can afford both of them - lol~
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