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Don't think you want to go that route Venice. I ran into a girl I once dated and thought was a pretty good lookin' chick. Oooohhhhhhhh.... the years hadn't been kind at all. When I got home and told my wife she said, " obviously haven't looked in a mirror in the last thirty years either, huh?"

I don't know whether there've been any reunions or not. A lot of folks around these parts don't get out much. Ran into a feller with whom I'd graduated shortly after I returned home. He asked me where I lived. When I told him I'd just moved back after almost thirty years, he said, "Where'd you live, out beyond Chuckey somewheres." When I told him I'd moved seven hundred miles North, he asked if that was past the Virginia/Tennessee State line. I told him I couldn't rightly recollect if it was or not.

Obviously, since geography wasn't such a strong subject back then, I 'reckon nobody could find the blamed thing if they did bother to hold one.

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