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I have mixed feelings about reunions - I too went to a Catholic High School, and this is where all 4 Catholic grade schools merged. Well, you soon found out who the snobs were, and of course if you had a family name - you were top dog. (no big family name and not one of the popular kids)

Anyway, at one of the reunions I followed a group of my female classmates into the hall where we were having the "ice-breaker" and proceeded to talk with them - but all the while they had no clue as to whom they were talking. Finally, I was asked who I had married from their class, and I laughed and said, " I didn't , I'm a graduate"! They had the look of OMG!! who is this person - when I told them they couldn't apologize enough etc.
And then, the Capt of the football team came up to me and put out his hand to shake mine and introduce himself - to which I said " yeah Donny I know I graduated with you" -

So when you live in the same town with pretty much everyone you went to school with and they don't know you or care to keep in touch - then I'm not really interested in mingling with them for a reunion which goes from Fri night to Sunday Mass and family picnic.
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