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Yes, It is that bad. And you're really not getting such a good price when you factor in the water and drinks, including coffee, tea and soft drinks, you have to buy at every meal. We just returned form a seven day Med cruise on the Orchestra. The service was horrible. We bought a package that all drivers, three shore excursions. airfare and 2 nights lodging in Barcelona. The driver picked us up from the airport in Barcelona an hour and a half late, drove us to the pier and dropped us off at 9:30 am. They took our luggage and told us to sit outside on a park bench until we could check in at 10:30. This is after a red eye flight from JFK to Barcelona. At 10:30 we were told to wait until 11:00 and at 11 told we would have to wait until 11:30. This all happened before we embarked and went downhill from there.
Finally, we argued with them enough to let us through security and at lease sit in chairs until we could get on board.
For two mornings they forgot the breakfast I ordered from room service. When I asked where it was I was told, "Perhaps they forgot."
We spent several days in Italy a few years ago and the food is not Italian! It is cold, bland and awful. Please, Please, I implore you. Do not cruise with MSC
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