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Default Don 't attempt it....

I went in September with the idea that I can bring one suitcase and a rolling carry on. I packed light. I wished after the second port that I had brought the other suitcase and paid the $15 fee because my rolling carry on was full with items I had bought and I had two more ports, with goodies galore to buy, left in the cruise. I had to cut my shopping short in both Belize and Roatan.

I thought I packed e nough clothes, nope, not nearly enough. The weather was HOTTER than hell--never below low 40's Celcius each day and it topped out and mid-high 40's Celcius. I was changing clothes two or three times a day and with only three shorts and five tank tops, I needed two more of each.

I bought NO shirts because I had no room, and I couldn't buy the wood box I wanted in Roatan (8x8x8) because I had no room. I couldn 't buy the limestone Maya art I wanted (too heavy and no room in the carry on). I am grateful that I was able to get a preview of these ports in September so I know what is available. I was to go Exotic East, but a little storm called Ike was rolling through the area we would be sailing through so they took us to the Exotic West. LOVED IT!!!!!

My ONE suitcse weighed EXACTLY 50lbs. They did not weigh my rolling carry on, but I can safely say it was probably around 30lbs (I did buy a small carved limestone Maya mask that weighed around 5ish lbs....

I tell you all now, break down and pay the fee for the second bag. I will be doing so in January when I go again. I will also know that I can buy the items I wanted to get and bring extra clothes. It will cost me $40 each way, but well worth it.

The moral is, if you plan on doing even a little bit of shopping, you'll have a hard time squeezing into one suitcase. If you are like me and love to shop, I say bring the second bag and pay the fee!!!

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