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I have been married to my wife for nearly forty years, so what gives you the right to post this to me.

"And we treasure old friends. I hope someday you'll be able to say that too".

How arrogant of you, you arrogant B,,,, where or how in your head did you feel you had the right to post something like that to me, you dont know me or the friend I've had since I went to school at the age five.

Also I'm now over 50 and never had an affair in my life.

But, certain "social web sites" like Friends whatever are placing people back together, bursting marriages, relationships etc,,,and folks that get into it.....they live in dream world.

As for "I think you have a very narrow and cynical perspective. "

Well maybe in your head I will give you one out of two. But you are totally out of order, apology please

Read again the original posters comments,,,thats the road I went down, forget your hate for me.

And I will quote, if you cannot be bothered reading

"I'm thinking about suggesting to my old high school sweetheart that she should organize a cruise out of New Orleans on the Fantasy and leave her husband of 40 years home"

And your response is?
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