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Default Sapphire Princess to Mexican Riviera, Part 6

Sapphire Princess, Part 6

Day 6, Thursday Oct. 16, Cabo San Lucas

My husband is fond of rising early and videotaping our arrival in each and every port.
On this day, I too rose early and was fortunate enough to witness a magnificent sunrise in Cabo San Lucas.

We were already anchored offshore, and the area was a beehive of activity, with all sorts of watercraft criss-crossing all around us.
From our balcony, we had an early morning view of "Los Arcos", the interesting rock formation that identifies the port of Cabo San Lucas.

We set off for an early breakfast as we had to be at our shore excursion meeting point for 7:45 a.m.
I was amazed at how quick and orderly Princess' system is for tendering passengers.
Everyone was seated in separate tour groups in air conditioned comfort, in the Princess Theatre, until they were called to go to their tender.

Tendering over to the port area was quick, and ship staff most helpful.
Upon arrival in Cabo San Lucas, we were ushered into a huge tour bus, comfortable and air conditioned, which was much appreciated in the day's heat and humidity!
After short drive through a fairly pretty port city, we arrived at the Hotel Melia, or "ME", for the "Premiere Beach Break" excursion.

The Hotel Melia was a gorgeous 5 star resort hotel right on the world famous Nikki Beach, and it featured large white vinyl covered "beds" both by the pool and on the beach.

The pool beds were on platforms and covered with a white fabric roof and privacy curtains, while the beach beds were right on the sand, protected by a shade umbrella, and had matching pillows and fluffy orange beach towels for our use. Next to each bed were full length padded lounge chairs and a small table for our drinks.

Apparently, even pet guests had their own pool beds!

The hotel itself was large and beautiful, featuring a gorgeous pool lagoon area winding in and around a swim up bar under a thatched roof, with lots of natural rock formations, palm trees, plants, and flowers.
The pool was made of natural stone and therefore it's natural colour blended in with the natural surroundings of stone, brick, palm trees and greenery.

I was fascinated with the terraced areas, all done in intricate brick and small stone mosaic patterns.

Even the open-air lobby overlooking the pool area had a stone mosaic floor, and I absolutely adored the purple furniture and purple cushions which dotted the lobby.

I couldn't help noticing a lounge off the lobby called the Passion Lounge - it was decorated entirely in purple; purple walls, purple curtains, purple furniture and cushions, and once again, those large beds everywhere.
We wondered what kind of orgies took place in this hotel!

Once we were settled in our lounge chairs on the beach, we found our tour staff at our beck and call, serving drinks from the bar (free fruit punch or lemonade, but charged liquor drinks), and later, a scrumptious Mexican meal brought to our beach chairs.
The beach itself was immaculate, raked clean, and the ocean waves were much gentler than they had been in Mazatlan.

James did have an unfortunate incident in the waves however, and here is a lesson for all: DO NOT wear Crocs into the surf at the beach!
He normally wears water shoes at the beach, but this time went into the water wearing Crocs.
A combination of a receding wave, and the floating upwards of his Crocs flipped him on his back and dragged him under. He panicked, and I had to remove his Crocs so he could get upright again, then help push and pull him up onto the beach.
I then had to go back into the surf to retrieve his shoes which were being washed in and out of the water!
The whole episode left James breathless and shaken, and after that he refused to go back in the water.

We then enjoyed a peaceful and relaxing swim in the beautiful pool, where I found another large white vinyl "bed" which was actually an air mattress, and floated around to my heart's content in the warm Mexican sun!

From Hotel Melia, we had a spectacular view of our ship at anchor, and of "Lovers' Beach" and Los Arcos at Land's End on the Baja California.

We could also see the entire bay, with all it's luxury hotels, and various water craft drifting or zipping by - the many yachts of the rich & famous, tour boats, and sea-doos, not to mention the para-sailers!
Truly an idyllic setting, and I was happy to notice the change in water colour to a nice blue.

Our only disappointment with this otherwise wonderful excursion, was the constant harassment by the native vendors wandering the beach.
Once again, there were fence posts and wire to keep them out of the complex, but they stood constantly at the fence whistling and shouting at us, "dresses, blankets, ceramics, bracelets, silver, hats!" - it never stopped!
We had been told that all we had to do was say no politely and we would be left alone, but this was not the case.
After saying no 100 times and still getting whistled and shouted at, we gave up and left the beach, enjoying the peace and quiet of the pool area before having to leave for the bus.
Our "perfect day" was way too short, as we had to be back to the bus by 12:30 and back on the ship by 1:00 p.m.
The line up for the tender back to the ship was long and hot, but the setting was pretty in the harbour, and we amused ourselves by taking photos of the pelicans and ourselves, and of what appeared to be a gold statue of a pirate with a treasure chest, who suddenly came to life when someone passed by him! He scared the dickens out of many a passenger!

We really enjoyed our 1/2 day in Cabo San Lucas, and wished we'd had more time to explore the city a little more.
I would have loved to take an excursion to Los Arcos and Lovers' Beach, which looked so beautiful as we sailed out of the harbour!

to be continued....

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