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Default Re: Sail and Sign tips

Another issue is that of the employees not knowing if they're getting all the tips collected on their behalf or not, or who did or didn't tip them. I guess the issue of knowing if Joe Blow from Podunk did or didn't tip you isn't terribly important, but I would like to know if it I were the waiter or steward. Jose has a good friend from his days of being a waiter for Carnival who is still a waiter, currently on the Paradise. They talk frequently, and we saw him in Miami in December the day before we embarked on the Pride. His main complaint about the new system is that there is absolutely NO accounting by Carnival, either the amounts tipped or from whom. Simply a check every two weeks. "Here's your money. Take it or leave it." That would be sort of like those in our society who are paid by the hour not having any accounting of regular hours, overtime hours, vacation pay, or sick pay. Just take it or leave it. On the other hand, most of the waiters seem to appreciate the fact that their income is more predictable now than before. And for those who say that some workers slack off because they know their income is guaranteed, it just isn't going to happen. The bosses are very strict, and the consequences are not desirable if you get disciplined. All that said, Jose and I removed our tips from the sail and sign account and tipped in person. We like it better that way, and the recipients seemed to too.
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