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Originally Posted by QueenB
There were too many problems too list. It was a very dissapointing trip. I am awaiting a reply from Carnival because were were going to book another cruise for my birthday in May. My husband is not so anxious to sail with them again. We'll see.
I just got a response from my letter about my 9/7/08 Conquest cruise. I believe your cruise was a few weeks after I arrived back home, so they will get to you.

My cruise the purser's desk was hanging up if you called from your cabin that last crazy night. You got one phone call, thats all the help you got for landing in New Orleans and had to wait hours in a line at the purser's desk to make the call, so they were pretty overwelmed, same problem at the internet cafe, backed up for hours, even at full price (no discount offered). No phone numbers available yet for rental cars/airlines when they gave us 12 hours notice we were landing in New Orleans, you would have thought they would have guessed folks would be asking for the phone numbers.

I'd waited almost 18 months for this cruise and heard so much hype about the Conquest, my second Carnival cruise. I had decided after other lines pulled out of Galveston to give them another try. I found their customer service to be sadly lacking in the face of these problems and like your husband, I don't know if I will continue booking Carnival. I had bought a next cruise cert (before Ike turned to hit Galveston) so I probably will book at least once more.

If you are expecting a apology, get over it. Carnival just quoted me that they have the right to change their home port. Some parts of Carnival's reply don't seem to have anything to do with what I said and broken English sentences. I find it odd they will give folks $20 for missing Grand Caymans, but nothing for missing Galveston. The letter offers me $35 OBC if I choose to book another Carnival cruise. I'v since booked 3 more cruises ..... none of which are Carnival. Im voting with my $$$

I really think Carnival needs to concentrate more on the service end of their cruises. Yes, I know they are not responsible for Ike, but I think things could have been handled better, just what I ran into. On RCI they introduce themselves by name and are trained to be much friendlier. I'v only been on two Carnival cruises, so your mileage may vary. For instance on Conquest our cabin steward never introduced himself and never was around. I never did find out who he was. That would be most unusual on a RCL cruise. (sorry for the long post). Your letter will come, I'm sure they are way backed up. My letter from the Ike cruise just arrived last Fri.
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