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On our RCI cruise for Xmas/NY this past December and January, we were teaming back to NJ. We were about 800 NM north of San Juan. The captain comes on line and says that we are coming about to met a Coast Guard chopper to air lift a sick passenger.

At 2100 hours three choppers made contact with the ship and one landed. They off loaded the sick passenger and the family and took off.

We were scheduled to arrive in NJ about 0600 but because of the delay it was going to be somewhere around 1400.

RCI let everyone use the cabin phone to make make whatever changes in reservation and to contact folks. This was all FREE. They even paid for the airline charge to redo our tickets.

We missed our flight and there were no other ones that day, so we spent the night in a a hotel.

I submitted the airline charges and the hotel bill and RCI paid for all of it.

They did a good job of keeping us informed and paying our unexpected expenses.

We were told that we would get a letter from the captain which would explain how to get reimbursed.

Thumbs up to RCI.

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