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"Phil&LizIs this the sailing that was out while Ike hit Galveston?
I am reading this right that you would have preferred to dock in Galveston and swim to your flooded car?

Phil & Liz
Thats not at all what I said, but thanks for your sarcasm. Sarcasm seems to be popular online. My game has sayings, one is "sarcasm isnt smarter, its just easier".

Among other things I asked why they have a $20 OBC policy for missing ports, but missing Galveston isnt considered missing a port, so no compensation. I said why would they give $20 for missing Grand Cayman, but nothing for missing Galveston. Where did I say I wanted to swim to Galveston? [/quote]

$20 wouldnt have been much, but it would have shown that Carnival cared. Its not the amount of money, its the gesture.
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