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Originally Posted by beenie weenie
Welcome aboard!!! You know I wouldn't stress too much about water and drinks on this cruise. We will be in a different port every day and you can bring a few bottles of water or soda with you when you return to the ship to drink for you in your room. They do sell what is called a boys and girl card. Which is basically a soda card. It is not unlimited soda, but you can purchase so many on a card at a reduced price. I am not sure of the cost or anything though. The X-1 package is primarily for adults and includes beer, wine, water and soda during lunch and dinner.

With regard to dress code, I am assuming that since it is a cooler time, you probably not see too many folks in shorts, unless they are headed to the pool or gym, there are two solarium pools, so I am just hoping the water will be warm enough to swim in though. Regarding the weather, I believe it is kind of rainy and yucky at the moment. We hope it will clear up by the time we cruise and that we will have sunny skys for our trip. temps will likely range between the 50's and 70's during the day I think. My day clothes will kind of be what I think of as smart casual and I really don't intend to go formal for dinner, I just cannot handle that much luggage on this trip lol. I will pack a handful of dressy sparkly fancy tops and a few black items like slacks, palazzo pants, and gauchos to mix and match. I will bring a jacket, an umbrella, perhaps an emergency rain poncho and two pairs of shoes, one dressy, one a good quality leather pair to wear with slacks and a pair of sandals.

I will send you a PM with other vital info and feel free to holler if you need anything. I hope we get to meet on board
Thanks so much! That's good to know about bringing water and soda on board. I thought I read somewhere in my Costa info that you are not allowed to bring food & drink on board for safety reasons but hopefully that was referring to the initial embarkation!

Also good to know about the attire. I appreciate it. I have advised my family to pack light because we will be taking the train from the airport to the port (we've got plenty of time to kill).

I hope the weather improves, too! An umbrella and poncho are good ideas and something I haven't considered.

I don't suppose you have any info on the orientation on the first day?

Thanks again for all of your advice!

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