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Originally Posted by Paul Motter
For what it is worth, a person is allowed to complain about an experience without being called names, and there are no rules that say you have to be a regular first or that you cannot post to more than one message board. To me all those statements are meant to do is obscure the fact that this person has a legitimate complaint.

I would also be very upset if it happened to me, and I would agree that 20% off a future cruise is not a fair settlement.

All things being equal, I would want compensation on the cruise I am sailing on - not a future cruise from the same company. Especially if I am unhappy with the service.

Any cruise can turn into a bad cruise - things can happen on any cruise line. It is how they respond to the problem that counts. No apology, no showing up to take the blower away, no immediate compensation. As the poster says, he didn't pour water on the floor, nor did he make a scene trying to get satisfaction. He waited to see what the cruise line proposed. he wasn't happy with it (and neither would I be) and he said so.

I truly don't see how you people can defend the cruise line in this case. Go ahead, flame away.
Paul I can remember a "cruiseline loyalist" on another board who would blast anyone who made even a minor complaint about his favorite line. that is- until he had a bad experience on his line-boy did he change colors- he went for m a "loyalist" to a "bad mouth."

Me, I am suspicious of anyone extreme in their posts-whether they are loyalist or bad mouthers.

I agree with you, outside of the fact that this person was upset when she made this post, which probally did color her post a bit more negatively, I did not think she came off sounding extreme.
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