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Originally Posted by dina
Originally Posted by tbowman
I am thinking of wearing a Saree. I have to get my Choli and petticoat first however. Its being sent from Pakistan and I hope it gets here before my cruise in Feb.
I have seen some absolutely wonderful formal Saree's on my cruises as well as formal occasions at work. I hope you get everything in time. I would love to see pictures.
I bought a Salwaar Kamezz on Ebay that I can use on shore. Its very pretty but not formal pretty. The Saree I bought, I actally got at a thrift store. I could not belive the quality. Its a dark dark blue with a goldish trim. I have to learn how to properly tie it too! I have been watching video's on Youtube to learn. I have friends who live in Pakistan and they are getting me the Choli and pettycoat. And I will post photos when I return!
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