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Originally Posted by katlady
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Originally Posted by dina
Originally Posted by tbowman
I am thinking of wearing a Saree. I have to get my Choli and petticoat first however. Its being sent from Pakistan and I hope it gets here before my cruise in Feb.
I have seen some absolutely wonderful formal Saree's on my cruises as well as formal occasions at work. I hope you get everything in time. I would love to see pictures.
I bought a Salwaar Kamezz on Ebay that I can use on shore. Its very pretty but not formal pretty. The Saree I bought, I actally got at a thrift store. I could not belive the quality. Its a dark dark blue with a goldish trim. I have to learn how to properly tie it too! I have been watching video's on Youtube to learn. I have friends who live in Pakistan and they are getting me the Choli and pettycoat. And I will post photos when I return!
I haircut in Fremont California there are large Pakistan and Indian commuities there. They have the best Fabric stores. I loved to go in an buy stuff. I did look at Sarees on the internet and also Asian dresses. I like stuff that is interesting beautiful and has a history and culture behind it. My Mom's family comes from the big island of Hawaii. That is what made me good for Hawaiian inspired dresses.
Ohh Gosh me too. We are suppose to go to Pakistan in May (depending on the stability of the country at the time) and I cant wait to go shopping! We are going to Faislabad and its suppose to be the best shopping district in Pakistan. My friends think I am wierd for wearing things that they consider foregin...I love it. I love being different. I just want to make sure that when I wear it I bring honor to the culture and make sure that I wear it correctly. I am sure that i would love he Hawaian dresses also, so flowing and lose, seems that it would be uber comfortable!
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