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Originally Posted by flowers
I wasnt trying to spur a debate on IF I was right or wrong in complaining. I was only trying to say I wrote at a certain time and had heard just a few days before my post to give the OP a time frame of when to expect a answer.

I had been planning on writing anyway, have heard many get a 45 day letter, which I was half way expecting. Someone from my TA has called this week to see if I got the letter and I said yes, but I was certainly puzzled. For instance there was a entire paragraph about booking specials and different rates? The TA had forwarded my words so had read my letter to Carnival and said they also found Carnival's response puzzling .... over and above some bad grammer that was head scratching what they meant to say.

I was just telling the OP not to expect a lot from the letter and it could have them scratching their head too. I certainly was not unhappy with what I paid??!! Im glad the TA read the response too and said HUH?
Can you QUOTE the letter on this thread, would be interesting reading..
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