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Originally Posted by katlady
Which port would you say was your favorite?
They were all so wonderful, that's really hard. But, I guess if I had to name one, it would be Nuku Hiva, specifically because it is pristine and untouched. The people are simple. The life is simple. Modern tourism hasn't touched them much as of yet. There are only about 1600 people living on the island, and most of them are "locals." They only get one freighter that makes a stop there once a month. The freighter carries a few hundred passengers as well. Then they get a smattering of other ships ... cruise ships ... throughout the year. But nothing significant. HAL doesn't even run a shore excursion program there because they only have a couple of port stops a year there, so I guess it's not worth it to them. But I look at Nuku Hiva and I think it must be like Hawaii was many, many years ago ... before the tourists came.

Blue skies ...

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