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Default Holiday

We just got back from our fall break with the kids last month (Oct 11-16). Had a great time on board and in Progresso. Probably need to figure Cozumel out better next time. Rented a Jeep in Progresso and drove the family to Uxmal after a co-worker visited Chechen Itza and recommended against there.
Two drawbacks on the ship. Seemed like every port, something was wrong with the propulsion system. We were in U147 and the entire deck just shook in shallow waters, especially returning to Mobile. It was terrible! The other drawback sailing from Cozumel to Mobile was that we had 25kt cross winds causing the ship to list to the side I'm guessing 10-15 degrees. I thought that the pictures on the walls were bolted on, but found out differecntly when we found them all listed with the shipa and some falling off the walls. But the drawback in my opinion was that they emptied the pools and jacuzzis, so I couldn't spend any time with the kids as planned. Personnally I think that they could face the ship in to the wind to take care of some of that from a customer service stand point, but what do I know.
Almost all of the staff was great as expected. If I wanted entertainment on-board, I found two female staff members working starboard side by the buffett that seemed to be in an on-going argument from one morning to the next, but for the most part, all else as great. I would mention that this was only our second cruise ever. Maybe we got spoiled on Victory with Malcolm, but when getting to Cozumel and Progresso, I dind't really notice anyone announcing on the loud speaker that we had been cleared and you could get off the ship. So I spent a lot of time keeping the kids occupied only to look out on the pier to see the crowd walking off.
Have a good time!
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