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In response to your original post...there are no smoke free ships.
Carnival tried it and sadly the Paradise did not make enough money.
It never LOST money....but the MARS were far below Coporate expections.

It was also harder to fill because GROUPS are the lifeblood of any ship and even the smallest family group will usually have at least one smoker.

That being said...I would recommend Oceania to you. They do not allow smoking in the cabins or on the balconies. No smoking virtually in 95% of the ship. There are 2 tiny areas where Oceania allows smoking....
which is the biggest mistake that Carnival made with the Paradise.

The other good news is that the Carnival Splendor has Spa Cabins (interior and balcony) that are nonsmoking. The Dream and Magic will have them as well. No smoking in the cabin OR on the balcony.
And since they are on the front of the ship...there should be no ""flow" from other balconies...however, I would only book on the PORT side...since the crew smokes outside on the Starboard.

ON the Splendor there is also NO smoking anywhere on the Lido deck.
(Deck 9) Starboard Deck 10 and 11 are the only OUTDOOR places you can smoke on the Splendor and the piano bar is nonsmoking!!

As for the balcony honest mistake for a are forgiven!!

Happy Cruising!

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