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Again I will go back to my original point, the vast majority of smokers "TODAY" obey the rules presented by the line, the ship, the city, the restaurant, the bar.

Problem here is, in ALL land based scenarios or in life, work or hotels or restaurants, we smokers can walk outside to do it, and we accept that...that’s usually where we now smoke today.

But what if it’s a ship and smoking is totally banned?

Well for one I would not go on it as you told me in advance….and that is reality for me as I dont expect to only smoke from port to port (that could be days) given being on land is the only place I can smoke on this vacation?

Just tell me the smoker, and all the non-smokers up front, can you smoke on this ship, yes or no.

If it’s NO, fine I don’t go on it, and you have a great time. If its YES, then don’t complain because they already told you in advance that there may be people like me doing my thing.

Oh and THEIR rule says I cannot do it the cabin,,,fine,,,, but I can on my balcony. So thats where I will smoke, simple
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