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Default Princess Crew Question

I have been corresponding with a gal I met aboard a princess ship 6 months ago. She has asked me to come sail with her again. She said she has worked for Princess for 8 years. Someone mentioned they are allowed 2 free cruises a year. Are these reserved for her immediate family only or can she use them for a friend? Also, if she knows when I will be there can she get permission to visit me in my cabin? Or for us to spend some time together?
I have a feeling she is not being honest with me. She told me no free cruises or discounts for friends only blood family. She also said she is never allowed to be seen with passengers and she is not allowed to ask permission for it. Seems strange she would rather sneak around.
I feel like she is yanking my chain.
Is there anyone out there who can shed some light on this for me?
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