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Default Thanks Jim!

Thank you for your thoughtful reply to my post...and your reply is not late at all. I hope this topic grows, actually.

I enjoyed reading your preferred cruiseline(s) and why; it makes sense to me! I am sure others will appreciate your feedback and musings as well. I was especially happy to hear of the photographer on HAL, and even chuckled at that! Isn't it something that some of the "little things" like that can really win us over? As Gay men and women, I tend to think we really do appreciate great customer service and being treated with the same courtesy, dignity and respect as other passengers. We do like to "vote with our dollars" don't we?

I like the idea of "restaurant style seating" on Princess. My partner and I are cruise shopping right now for our next big adventure (there's a 22-day from Victoria to Alaska, Japan, Korea and China with an incredible itinerary at a very low price!) on Princess, so we may just need to put a deposit down on it. We have only sailed on the Celebrity vessels (with the exception of one Carnival cruise years ago) so we haven't had the restaurant-style experience. After one bad experience with bigoted table mates, we've always requested and received a table for two on Celebrity.

Jim, on Princess, do you still need to reserve your dining time (early or late) and request a table for 2? Or do you opt-out of the main-dining and simply show up every night and ask for this? Thanks for clarifying your experience.

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