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Default Thanks Again-

Thank you Jim, great information. We'll keep your advice in mind when we cruise Princess. We got the laptop out last night and laid in bed looking at cruises (I know we're NOT the only ones who do this- ) and watched two new marketing videos on Princess, on their website. I think it was the Island Princess and the Coral Princess. Very nice videos. We'll be sure to request a "Table for 2", specifically.

The 22-day does sound nice, my only hang up is wanting a post-cruise, which would eat away at more vacation time at work...what to do? We've always wanted to see the Terra Cotta Soldiers in Bejing, too.

I haven't sailed Alaska yet, which is surprising since we live in SF and can catch a sailing out of here...we are looking forward to checking out Victoria as well. The picture of the port was very pretty.

Thank you again!
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