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Originally Posted by DayvidB

All of us can give advice based on OUR experience, but this is another's life, and they will do no matter what anyone says for their experience, or their own thing.

Not all life scenarios are the same, But yes some traps that have been available for 100's of years will still happen, teenage pregnancy, drink, drugs, etc.

Generations before us have tried to advise on things like this, but its like farting into the wind, accept they will always do their own thing as people and individuals. That’s how its always worked, generation after generation comparing their life and the older folks stand back and shake their heads, and say "not in my day" as the comment.

Well actually in your time people did, but at least today the young through education are aware of all these risks, including STDs etc.

Times change, my problem is they seem today to grow up too quick, they miss out a big chunk of childhood and innocence. I have Great nieces at 10- 14 years of age that talk as if they were 21,,,that’s really sad in my view, as they have been robbed of the innocence some of us had at certain ages,,,,but thats society today
I know David, I don't espect to change anyone-especially with raging hormones that the young have-but I had to say something to another young person chiming in on how gross it is. I had to say my bit back. ! Now it is not that I find it actually gross for young people, but I do wonder if these kids may regret it and complicate their lives, that is all.

Now my hubby and I have been in a relationship for 26 plus years, so no fears of disease, and we don't have to worry about unwanted pregancies anymore, ! So all more reason for us to "hook up!"

But please, just because we are still very much in love and want to hold hands or kiss in public, (we are very discreet and never go overboard) please don't tell me that we are gross. These kids should be so lucky in 30 years!
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