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Default Re: Favorite Cruise Line


Originally Posted by You
Since I have never cruised before I am wondering what the best cruise line is. I am not taking children on this cruise so take that in mind. Love my grandbabies but this cruise is just for Nanna. I am taking the GC on a trip to the Smoky Mountains in June. But this is just for me....Thanks for the input. I have done some research and think RCCL is for me.
The reality is that there is no one "best" cruise line. Rather, each cruise line has a distinct personality and style that is a great match for some people and not such a great match for others. Further, by posting your querry on a board that's dedicated to one cruise line, you probably will hear from a lot of that line's loyal fans whose opinion might not match yours.

When people who are new to cruising ask me to recommend a cruise line, I usually suggest buying a guidebook to cruise lines and cruise ships (all of the major travel guides including Berlitz, Fodor's, and Frommer's have them) at a local bookstore and reading the descriptions of the various lines to see which sounds like the best match, then going with that line. Here, it's important to read the descriptions of all of the cruise lines because you'll find tidbits about one buried in the write-up of another.

But if you have already done some research and concluded that Royal Caribbean International (RCI) is a good fit for you, why not give it a try?

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