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"but I had to say something to another young person chiming in on how gross it is. I had to say my bit back."

just as you, this other young person has to say her bit back. im kinda stubborn and will continure to reply until this thread gets cut off lol. so heres my bit.
oh u saw that i was 19 so yes i know all the safety precautions and dangers out there. well im not going ot say all cuz i dont know it all like im sure u dont. it is unfortunate that u know so many that have been though so much do to "hookups" but if u tell these horror stories to all the young people, u might scare them into never hooking up. lol and fyi "hooking up" does not always involve sex when us young people say it. most of the time it is just kissing.
live and let live.

dont take it personal when i say old people making out in public is gross. every generation says that about their elders. kids seeing their parents making out always say "ewww gross" and the parents laugh it off. i will be those parents one day and i will laugh it off. now laugh hahaha

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