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Originally Posted by Mike-Suz
Originally Posted by darmstader
steamers are allowed, or you can use your blow dryer!.
Actually that's incorrect, the boarding docs we received expressly state that irons and steamers are both prohibited on board. Blow dryer is a fine idea!
Hey it's too late to worry bout it now... we're leaving for Miami tomorrow!
This is new. They have updated the FAQ.

Onboard Policies

Q: What items are not allowed onboard the cruise ship?

A: Aside from the obvious (and illegal) items not allowed onboard, there are other items we cannot accommodate onboard.

Prohibited items:
Coffee Makers
Electrical Transformers (not including personal electronics: cell phone chargers, laptop power adapters etc.)
Flammable Liquids and Explosives (such as fireworks)
HAM radio equipment
Hockey sticks
Illegal Drugs
Irons/Clothes Steamers
Personal Alcohol

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