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Originally Posted by hombre
the towel animals do seem to 'tip the balance', don't they. food ok plus animals equals sail with them again. average food plus no animals means forget it. boy, is this marketing. actually, those sticky eyes on the towel animals tend to stick to me and i don't like them. so, i guess, sticky eyes plus average food once or twice in the lido, or just once in the dining room will be the end of my relationship with hal. how fragile it all seems to be.
HAL's food is above WAY average. They just do not do as many of the exotic recipes as Celebrity. But their food is very good!

We disliked the Statendam Alaska cruise, ( the ship-LOVED Alaska) because very little was going on-although we did enjoy having the hot tub to ourselves every night-it seemed we were the only ones on ship who used it in the evening. Since nothing was apapening in the lounges once the show was over, every night we would go to the hot tub for a half hour before retiring. My hubby still likes to talk about it being daylight at 10pm and our looking at the snow capped mountains from the hot tub. That and the good food, were the only things that redeemed that ship.

On the Westerdam, we had a much younger crowd- I would say 60% of the ship were 30 somethings (hubby and I were the old folks on that ship-wheras onthe Statendam at 40 something we were among the "younger crowd) Although that ship was not hopping like carnival-there was plenty of entertainment. Our daughter was with us and she never came back to the room before 2 am. she was in the karoke bar every night. My hubby and I enjoyed the piano bar and a jazz bar-we usually went to bed around midnight-but that is because we are now in our 50's. Back when we did the Alaska cruise we were much younger- (2001) and so we hated HAL being so subdued.

Hombre, three of my Carnival cruises had GREAT food. Only one had mediocre food-the Inspiration. We did 2 RCI cruises that had fairly good food, not as good as Carnival's on the 3 cruises, but still decent. Only the food on Mariner of the Seas was not so good.

I can honestly say, towels animals or not Celebrity and then HAL has the best food.

You want to know the ship that had the absolute worse food? Disney Wonder-although Palos, their pay extra had the best food we have ever eaten on ANY ship in any dinningroom including the pay extra dinningrooms. I suppose, on that ship, if you wanted good food, you had to pay extra. Nevertheless, we enjoyed our cruise, our balcony room compared to a junior suite on other lines in size. We LOVED the room! If that line was not so expensive, we would book another cruise. We just felt, although we enjoyed our cruise, not enough for the extra cost.
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