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Thanks for your reply to the post. Your reason for sailing Celebrity is much like ours, the quality and destinations / price. Sorry to hear you haven't met many gay men and women. It's hit or miss with us too.

My partner and I seldom go to the FOD meetings but usually "walk through" one or two of them, or maybe just pop in to say, "hi". It seems they are either "no shows" or populated by a lot of gay men and women. Often we'll meet gay couples at the Spa, Thallossotherapy, Cova or the Martini Bar.

Our last Celebrity cruise a couple of months back, had close to 100 gays and lesbians, the most we've ever seen. But we've been on Celebrity cruises where we've radar'd maybe one couple?

Have you ever considered booking a cruise through a gay TA, such as "Virtuoso" or "Pied Piper"? We did that once and it was OK...I don't want to hang with a group for the entire length of the cruise, but it's nice to at least meet others. Then sometimes, it's nice to just lay low.

By the way, Celebrity has a few good looking cruises in January out of Puerto Rico! We were in your home town last February on a Caribbean cruise and had a great time.
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