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Originally Posted by spencercoop
Originally Posted by Kuki
Frankly I don't think you've received much accurate advice above.

I can't imagine insurance would cover cancellation due to a new job. At least I haven't ever used a policy that does.

On rare occassions I've heard of a cruise line bending a rule to refund penalties to reschedule due to a death in the family, but honestly even that is rare.

You can certainly try and plead your case to Customer Service, but in my view it's your Travel Agent who should be carrying your arguement higher up on the Carnival food chain. An agent's job is much more than selling you a cruise. They SHOULD BE your aggressive advocate dealing with the cruise lines when things go wrong. In my view that's what they get paid for!

I'm not they'll have any luck, but they should approach their District Sale Manager , and then continue up the corprorate ladder to at least try and resolve it.
Why wouldn't your travel insurance refund for a new job. You are paying them to insure your cruise just in case something happens like you cant go. They can't go so their travel insurance should pick that up.

Also it is not that rare for Carnival to refund a cruise for a death. When someone in our family died and we had to cancel her cruise reservation, they refunded it all.

Maybe I have it wrong but doesnt the travel insurance only kick in if its a covered reason? If so then a new job wouldnt cover it nor would other non essential reasons like my dog will wet the bed, or my sister refuses to pick up my mail etc... insurance companies dont want to pay out for what they may consider trivial reasons..
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