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Originally Posted by spencercoop
Originally Posted by briguy
Maybe I have it wrong but doesnt the travel insurance only kick in if its a covered reason? If so then a new job wouldnt cover it nor would other non essential reasons like my dog will wet the bed, or my sister refuses to pick up my mail etc... insurance companies dont want to pay out for what they may consider trivial reasons..
But you are paying them. They should at least refund the deposit becuase they can't go becuase of a job. Also like someone else said why wont they just transfer it over.
It depends on the policy. You can get a minimal priced policy that is like $30 but has limited coverage or you can get a policy that costs about the same as Carnivals or less and covers changing for any reason even just because you want to. We get the policy that is about half of what Carnival charges an almost everything is covered but there are limits on the reasons you can cancel.

AIG Platinum Plan
Cancel For Any Reason optional coverage!
Cancel For Work Reasons optional coverage!
Insure trip costs up to $100,000 per person
Medical Evacuation Home OR optional coverage of Your Hospital of Choice

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