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Default Re: Rolling or Folding Clothes. Which is Best?


Originally Posted by You
I've always folded shirts and pants similar to the way done in stores. But I've also heard that PROPER rolling saves space and minimizes wrinkles. I would appreciate pros and cons of each system. Also, perhaps some of the more seasoned travelers will explain HOW to roll clothing, especially shirts, both button and pullover. My dress shirts go in a hanging bag with my tuxedos.
In the Navy, our sailors have relatively little space to store their clothing aboard ship. In boot camp, they learn to fold clothing neatly -- generally, folding a third in from each side and then folding in thirds lengthwise -- as that is the most compact way to store clothing. If you roll clothing, each roll is round so you end up with a lot of gaps space beween rolls. Those gaps are wasted space in a sailor's locker and in your luggage.

The best way to pack dress shirts is to fold them in the same fashion, then stack them in alternating directions with the collars extending beyond the shirt above and the shirt below (essentially interleaving the portion below the collar). This method gives the collars enough space so they don't get crushed.

You also might want to give some thought to the styles of garments that you are bringing on a cruise. When folded, so-called "microbriefs" or "eurobriefs" typically take less than half the space of traditional American "tighty whities" or boxer shorts. Likewise, so-called "Speedos" or "pool suits" worn by many race swimmers and competition divers fold much more compactly the swim shorts that have become popular beachwear in recent years. And if you bring "polo" or "golf" shirts rather than "T" shirts, you can wear them to dinner on "casual" evenings as well as during the daytime so you won't need to bring a separate stack of sport shirts for eveningwear. This type of forethought can make a big difference when you pack!

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