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We were in a simular situation in October.We didnt have insurance cause I never cancel. We were supposed to go on the Conquest in October for the kids fall break and eneded up moving because the lady we were renting from sold her house and we had to move the same weekend of the cruise.

We lost $1000 but I wanted to switch dates so I wrote CCL Res Admin. At first I got a letter saying they would not let us move money over but they would give us a 1 cat upgrade.
Then just for kicks I called RES ADMIN and asked if out of the kindness of their heart, we could even put half of the lost depost toward something in the future since we sail so much. The gal put me on hold and they eneded up transfering the full $1000 to the ECSTACY in march.
Let me see if I can find that number. It really cant hurt to try.

I completely knew of the penalties as you did, If you just tell them you know about the penlties but please consider. It sure can't hurt. I think going to the department that decides is the way to go

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