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Hi Paul, nice to hear from you bud, and given your avatar you have not aged a day since our last chat, but can I say your looking a bit thin in the face, and maybe you want to get those ears looked at .....Says the puppy dog 8)

But lets be honest, it may be popular and for all the wrong reasons this subject. In fact it could be seen as mis-advertising.

You give people a headline of "Old folks hooking up",,,,, have you seen the number of hits it gets It must be in the top four Gripe hits,,,,,,I think some see it as an advertisement for what to expect when they get onboard 8)

So go granny go ,,,for some it could be a potential smorgasbord regarding the talent available.

And good on them if they do hook up, even better is seeing people enjoy, but dont do it at the dining table, can put me right off my pavlova, any age
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