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Default 8 day balcony to Costa Rica - roomie wanted

Howdy any and all!
You can find out more by seeing my post in seeking cruise mates

If this is the only post you read though..
I have a cruise paid for, Carnival Freedom, 8 days, balcony
Leave FLL 2-14
Will have a room 2-13 since I'm returning from another cruise

Not wanting romance, as my heart will still be in Idaho (not Iowa silly, that's another state, and they don't raise potatoes)

Would dearly enjoy a "friend" (and I am a good one!) to enjoy this quite special cruise trip!
I can provide references from both genders, as well as law enforcement agencies, and they would be folks that you can trust...
Remember, I'm from Iowa, we don't have to lock our doors, that whole midwest value thing..
If you are within 12 years of my age (49 by then), you will not be embarassed to be seen with me
I assure you that I will keep you smiling, if not laughing, much of the time, I'm just almost always in a really good mood
I'm not expecting a 50-50 at this point, just want to have;
A. a companion
2. some subsidy, whether it be bar tab, activity, etc..
3C. a better feeling about spending that much money just "not" for meself (intentional misspelling)

G Brad McKee (yes, you can g00gle it)
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Scuba diver (PADI)
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Friend me if you like!
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