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Default Showcat, Methinks...

Originally Posted by showcat
Well said Bettlegator! No women in her right mind would room with a man she does not know period. No man in his right mind would room with a women he does not know.!This is why singles companys book same sex cabin mates. Why put your safety in jeopardy? At least with a singles company if there is a problem you can report it and get your cabin switched sometimes. You have staff to intervine.
There's a "few", well, perhaps more than a few, that taint it for many.
I'm still of the belief that most people are good, and I treat them as such.
I personally have met and stayed with friends from all over the planet, and done so with little more than a couple phone calls or such.
Notwithstanding, I consider myself an excellent judge of character, and have been disappointed only a few times.
I'd like to state that not all men expect a woman to be a sexual plaything just simply because she would accompany oneself to an event.
I'd also like to state, that some women have made advances on men, unwarranted, and no one died in the aftermath.
Frankly, methinks it would be a much simpler world if we would all simply "think" about things, rather than the "knee jerk" reaction that seems to be ever so common..
Illinois? I'm guessing ORD country, many from the land of Lincoln wouldn't be quite so skeptical I would think
Just my bit, I could be wrong (but it is doubtful)
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