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Default Re: Rome to Ft. Lauderdale on Liberty.. U OUT THERE??

Hey Muffyn..

Those booked in our group WILL be seated together at dinner with others choosing the same dining time (unless they request otherwise).

Once onboard we'll give everyone a "directory" with everyone's name and cabin # (except those who chose not to have the information made public, if there is anyone). As well, we'll send a newsletter to everyone's cabin with times, dates, and places for all the activities we have planned.

Of course, we'll be having our group cocktail party... and some other "social mixers" as well. Here's a list of some of the things we have planned.

1. Our CruiseMates meet and greet get together
2. Halloween party - costume prizes - theme "Roman the Seas" - my advice ---> don't bother packing a costume. Just pick up some odds and ends in ports of call, and have some fun creating something.
If nothing else, a bed sheet makes an excellent toga! :-)
3. Kuki's "special" treasure hunt. Participants will be given a hint sheet describing what items they need to retreive, and where they can be found. Each item you'll need to solve the puzzle first as to what the item is, and where you might find it. Then you'll go retreive it.
4. Pool volleyball - We won't be athletes, but we will have fun.
5. MINOR gift exchange - We'd like everyone to bring an item from home, that their home area is well known for (UNDER $10 value). Whether it's a bottle of wine, or maple syrup, a type of candy, or ...... bring it along, and we'll have a little contest to determine who get's to choose who's "gift".
6. Team Trivia - each night, on sea days, your dinner table will receive a question that you can determine/research the answer to as a group. Eventually answers will be turned in, and the team with the most points will win "wonderful" <G> prizes

In August we're going to set up some private "Liberty" live online chats in our Chat Room, so people who want to can "meet" the other cruisemates beforehand. Hope you'll attend.

Though people haven't been that "chatty" on the message boards, from experience with our group cruises I can assure you that once we're onboard FUN will be the operative word!
I know a number of the people booked from previous group cruises, and it's a great and friendly bunch... so no worries about feeling "out in the cold". And with all the activities we'll be planning I'm sure you'll make some great new friends.

The CD John Heald is a good friend to CruiseMates, so once onboard we'll also try and set up a "special event" with John and Heidi.

Only a few months left to wait!!

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