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Originally Posted by bizkilla
I always take the auto-tip off immediately. Dont burden yourself with a surpirses charge. Its also better to give those who serve you the money personally. But follow the guidelines and if the server has made your experience better, why not extend the gratuity.
The tip is $10 per night of the cruise per person in the cabin. I assume you know how many people you have in your cabin? do you know how many nights your cruise is? is so where is the Surprise charge???

It depends what line you are on but it is becomming less and less possible to tip all those that REALLY provide you service without auto tipping, and on some lines if you remove the service charge, which many lines will NOT now let you do without serious cause, and then you give cash that cash must and will be turned in and goes into a tip pool so the person you wanted to reward will not get it.

if you leave it on and tip a person more, then they can in fact keep it. and don't think that they can get away with hiding cash you give them. They cannot, the others on board will see to that.

Auto tipping means NO SURPRISE charges.

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