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I was on the Independance of the seas last week where I heard the conversation. but they were talking about carnival since the other comment was how they hung them in the shower with the clothesline that retracts. BTW Im not trying to admit that i like "large panties" Its that these women are old enough to be my parents and the conversation to me was the private type and not meant for others to be heard even though they were aware that others were nearby they still insisted to talk about it loud enougth for others around them to hear it. I to like to be on the balcony in my underwear, it least I have the body for it.....Boy this topic has opened a can of worms....BTW..What is with all the old people in the gym?..I saw a woman there in a power chair and a oxygen tank shoved into her nose but is on the leg adduction machine...I think she is a little to late for the gym, dont you think? ..Old people..I mean 70-75-80 trying to use the machines and weights. These people never been to the gym..ever and now they want to ??
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