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i like New York accents, they rock. obnoxiously, no, but in general, i am a fan.

i am Southern. and dang proud of my accent. i am not obnoxious or redneck but am clearly a Southern girl. and everyone i have met on a ship loves it as well

as far as older people in the gym, at least they are in there and active. studies show the more active the elderly the better bone density, longer life, better quality of life, better health they will possess. regardless if they are hauling around an O2 tank or not, at least they aren't just lying around doing nothing like some 20, 30, 40 year olds i know.

the less active, the sicker someone gets/can become. when our surgery patients come to the floor, so as long as they aren't a heart patient or ICU/StepDown, the surgeons want them out of bed that night because just laying around can wreak so much havoc on the body. kudos to those kicking it in the gym instead of being lazy! i hope and pray i can be that active at that age.
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